There are few things more difficult than moving, packing all those boxes, and deciding what must be moved versus what needs to be trashed. My wife Jessica and I sold our last house in 2017, and this was the first time we used a junk removal service.

We found that we only had 30 days to get all our items packed and ready to be moved to our new home.  We both worked full time jobs, had two small kids, and offices with a couple of very heavy desks.  We just did not have time to get rid of unwanted items by ourselves.

When we moved into our new house, we discovered some of our furniture would not fit or simply didn’t look great with the new house, so again we ended up using a hauling service.  After using a junk removal service several times, we decided to start 1-888-PIK-IT-UP.  We can remove your unwanted junk, old furniture, mattresses to E Waste such as TV’s and computers as well as yard debris, hot tubs and sheds.  Except for a couple of items like oil and used paint, we found that we could take most everything that a homeowner or business would need to have removed.

If you’re like me, you are looking at moving again and there are still more unused items you don’t want to haul to the new house.  You may want to consider giving us a call at 1-888-PIK-IT-UP.  Our crew is polite, professional, and can get the job done quickly.  We know your time is valuable and when moving you do not want the extra stress of trying to figure out how to get rid of those unwanted junk items.

As we have sold three houses in the last few years and now, we’re looking at number four, I really want to make sure we aren’t bringing anything unnecessary with us.  Are you holding onto items in the garage or storage that haven’t been used in months or even years?  If you’re like me you have accumulated extra items over the years that are taking up space in the garage, attic, or shed.  We can remove those out of date mattresses, outgrown bikes and anything else that’s just taking up too much space.

Maybe you’re moving to a smaller house or downsizing and have items that just won’t fit in the new house.  You might find, as we did, even with a larger house sometimes your current furniture doesn’t properly fit the rooms of the new house.  For example, when we moved from Greensboro to Wilmington North Carolina even though our kids got a similar sized playroom the couch from the Greensboro house wouldn’t fit through the door of the new playroom. There was nowhere else in the house to put it, so we had to get a junk removal company to haul it away.   Before moving, take a look at your new home size and try some interior design planning with your current furniture to ensure everything is going to fit and makes sense in those spaces.

Now that we’re moving once again to Raleigh, we’re looking at our new space and deciding whether or not to bring all of the current items with us or go ahead and get rid of them so not to pay to move them and then decide we don’t need them.

Here’s another one, we had a house with a large yard then moved to a house with a much smaller yard;  however, for the last three years we’ve held onto a large lawn tractor that’s taking  up much space in our garage for something we really don’t need that we should’ve sold three years ago. So, if you find yourself with tools and items that you don’t use any longer you might want to consider giving us a call and we can remove those tools, lawn equipment, and anything that you just don’t use or need anymore.

If you’re in the Raleigh, Cary, or the Durham area give us a call to remove any unwanted items. We also take exercise equipment, bikes, and even hot tubs.  Please give us a call at 919-261-6727 and we’ll help you get your garage, attic and storage spaces decluttered.

Thank you,