Before & After
garbage removal service

Brush and Debris

These before and after pictures show the hard work we put into your project. We removed 7,000 pounds of pine tree limbs and clippings. As a result of our professional work, our customers were able to enjoy clean yards and to rest easy knowing we got the job done for them.

888pikitup before

888pikitup before888pikitup after888pikitup after

888pikitup before

Garage Clean Out

These before and After pictures of Garage Clean-Out for a Recently Sold Home show how we removed over 350 Cubic Feet and 5ooo pounds of debris. We also broke down a bench, removed old trash and debris.

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Barn Outcome

Before and after pictures of a barn clean out. We removed 6,000 pounds of debris. This would have been a nightmare for our client to have to do alone. But with our professionals on the job, they got it done in a snap!

888pikitup before888pikitup before

888pikitup after888pikitup after

Home Results

Cleaning out a home can be hard. That’s why it’s important to call in a professional. And the outcome speaks for itself. Our workers will come to you and remove old furniture and junk from anywhere in the home or attic. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we’ve got you covered.


Commercial Results

Cleaning out a commercial space can seem overwhelming. But with our team of professionals there to do the heavy lifting, it will be done in no time. We make sure that your space is clean and ready to go. If you’ve got junk in your way, we’re the ones to call for results.