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Apartment Clean Out Services

Even the best renters can leave behind a mess. That means hours spent hauling out junk, cleaning carpets, and more. Don’t waste your time cleaning up after tenants. Call 888-PIK-ITUP and let us take care of unit turnover for you! 888-PIK-IT-UP™ is a full-service junk and bulk removal service, offering professional apartment clean out services.  […]

Cleaning Out A House

As I have watched Karen and Christy take on the process of cleaning out their parent’s home, I am reminded of my own experiences. First with my Dad’s house, then, more recently, with my mother-in-law Doris’ home. It is staggering how much stuff we accumulate in a lifetime, and my Dad and mother-in-law were no different in that regard.

How to Clean Out Your Attic and Garage!

Attics and garages can be dangerous. Such large, hidden spaces just begging to be filled up with junk.  We get a lot of calls from people who slowly let their attics or garages become so full that they were overflowing with stuff that no one had even looked at in decades. Now, they want them […]

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Junk Removal Service?

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Junk Removal Service? Do you have old, large items, trash, or any other type of junk you want to remove from your house or place of business? Do you need a bulk pick up or junk service to come help you? Then there’s no need to wait until spring […]

Apartment Clean Up

1-888-PIK-IT-UP™ is a full-service Junk & Bulk removal service. We are an approved vendor in Compliance Depot, NetVendor, RMIS, Ops Technology, and more. 1-888-PIK-IT-UP™ provides a mix of residential & commercial experience and the Best Service and Pricing for Apartment Communities.

Moving Stress Got You Down?

Moving Stress Got You Down? There are few things more stressful than moving. Packing all those boxes. Deciding what you have to move versus what you need to trash. My wife Jessica and I sold our last house in 2017. And it was the first time we chose to call a junk removal service. We […]

Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Tips for Decluttering Your Home It’s amazing how the things we want and love can turn into stuff we never use. Slowly our homes fill up with the forgotten gifts and purchases of years gone by. Then, one day, we look around and realize we’re surrounded by things we don’t use or want.  That’s when […]

Junk pick up near me!

Junk pick up near me! Moving is never fun. No matter how excited we may be about our new home, the process of moving is just stressful! Packing and unpacking all of the things you’re taking with you is bad enough.  But dealing with the trash and junk you’re leaving behind just adds to the […]

How to Go Through a Loved Ones Belongings When they Pass Away

How to Go Through a Loved Ones Belongings When they Pass Away When we lose a loved one, we face so many difficult decisions.  One of the hardest can be what to do with their belongings. This isn’t just stuff – it’s what’s left of a life.  We want to deal with it with respect […]

7 Steps to Make Yard Work a Snap

7 Steps to Make Yard Work a Snap How often do you say to yourself, “next weekend I’ll clean the yard…” and then nothing happens? We’ve all been there. It can be intimidating to start a project that is going to take that kind of time and hard work. But it can be easy when […]

A Few Tips to Declutter Your Life

A Few Tips to Declutter Your Life Do you ever look around and wonder to yourself, “Where did all this stuff come from?” It’s easy to let clutter build up in your home. Old things you don’t use anymore, forgotten nic nacs left by a grown child when they moved out. All the stuff that […]

Say Goodbye to Moving Stress!

Say Goodbye to Moving Stress! Moving can be stressful. There’s so much to do in such a short amount of time. And even when we’re excited about the move, any major change can cause stress! You have to pick out what you want to keep, sell off what you can. And inevitably, you end up […]

4 Easy Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen

Time for a Change – 4 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen The time has come to remodel your kitchen. All of those old appliances that you’ve had around since you bought the place are finally starting to wear out. You call the repairman and to your surprise, that oven is going to cost more […]

How to Recycle Glass Products

How to Recycle Glass Products Whether you need to get rid of an old light bulb or the jar your spaghetti sauce came in last night, when recycling glass there’s a couple of things to keep in mind. It may seem simple enough – just toss it in the blue bin. But it’s a bit […]

How to Recycle Old Construction Waste

How to Recycle Old Construction Waste If you’ve just finished remodeling or repairing a section of your home, you probably have a pile of old construction materials you need to clear away. If you’re not sure what to do with it, worry no longer – 888-PIK-ITUP has the solution! Maybe you want to try to […]

How to Recycle Tires

Recycling tires and plastic is easy if you know how. Here are some tips for getting rid of your old tires and plastics the right way!

How Do I Dispose of My Old Mattress?

If you want to know how to dispose of your old mattress painlessly, just call 888-PIK-ITUP, and we’ll show you why we’re the best at junk and bulk pick up!

How To Move Furniture Safely

Whether you’re moving into a new house or just want to shake things up a bit at home, moving furniture can be a real pain. Here are 3 tips to do it safely!

What Do I Do with My Yard Waste?

Getting your yard to look good takes work – and makes waste. Here are some great tips for getting rid of yard waste fast and easy!

Businesses Save Money With Junk Removal

When you start cleaning out your business, you unearth piles of junk. Those stacks of paper, outdated documents, trash bags, old printers, dusty furniture, and yellowed books need to go somewhere — and while you’re cleaning out unwanted items, it might seem cheap and convenient to throw everything out yourself. Why hire a professional business […]